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be in good company

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe in good companybe in good companySAMEused to tell someone who has made a mistake that they should not be embarrassed because some important or respected people have made the same mistake If you can’t program the video recorder, you’re in good company. company
Examples from the Corpus
be in good companyIf you can't program your VCR, you're in good company.Clinton is in good company, but I think he wants to be remembered for more than that.He is in good company when it comes to losing Tests that do not mat ter all that much.The new managers were in good company.But even if she never escapes from its shadow, history shows her to be in good company.But for the United States, to be alone is to be in good company.We were in good company, though.If you are, you are in good company with some one like Alfred North Whitehead.If these are your worries you are in good company.
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