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be in the/a minority

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe in the/a minoritybe in the/a minorityLESSto form less than half of a group Boys are very much in the minority at the dance class. minority
Examples from the Corpus
be in the/a minorityThe critics are in the minority.But as they processed into the Quire of the royal chapel in June 1988 the ancient families were in a minority.I was in the minority in finding him a bit tedious.It is plain, then, why men are in the minority.As with the children as a whole, the teachers at each end of the spectrum are in the minority.Steamships were in a minority until about 1890 and in any case tended to take the shorter voyages.Quentin's supporters were clearly in a minority as the City Council heard arguments for his dismissal.Prepare to be in the minority.Minority returns-to areas where they will be in a minority-are more problematic.In the boardrooms of most big corporations, women are in the minority.
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