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be in the black

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe in the blackbe in the blackBFto have money in your bank account opp be in the red black
Examples from the Corpus
be in the blackWe have to get our account into the black otherwise the bank will never give us a mortgage.The newly reorganized company is now in the black.The day was fabulous and David performed extremely well although he was in the blackest of moods.Whitminster costs £2,000 a week to keep open, but it is in the black.The best flight I have been on was in the black cessna.Our oil and gas operations are comfortably in the black.By the end of the first year StarNet was in the black and Cauthorn was recognized nationally for his accomplishments.He got in and said they could drop him at the Thirty-fifth Street elevated station, which is in the black area.
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