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be in the pipeline

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe in the pipelinebe in the pipelinePLANif a plan, idea, or event is in the pipeline, it is being prepared and it will happen or be completed soon More job losses are in the pipeline. pipeline
Examples from the Corpus
be in the pipelineLast night Bowe's manager, Rock Newman, revealed a new deal was in the pipeline.Mr Sherwood said other co-operative initiatives were in the pipeline.More job losses are in the pipeline.How many are in the pipeline and how many are on his desk?The mid-engined Maserati was in the pipeline but still one year away.But another round of solutions may be in the pipeline, too.After considerable market research, several new products are now in the pipeline.But several are in the pipeline and there have been trials.There are one or two important changes in the pipeline.Plans for building 1,700 rental units are in the pipeline.A new version is in the pipeline in which unknowns will be replaced by celebrities.
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