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be in with somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe in with somebodybe in with somebodyinformalFRIENDLY to have a friendly relationship with someone She’s in with the theatrical crowd. You have to be well in with the directors (=be very friendly with them) if you want to get promotion here. in
Examples from the Corpus
be in with somebodyTo be in with a chance of winning simply complete this Eric Clapton song Wonderful ... ...It seems that even Toulouse-Lautrec thinks he is in with a chance.Opinion polls, though not very reliable, show that Kostunica is in with a chance.McHale said McGee was in with a good chance of starting against Halifax because he can play in defence or midfield.We were in with a medal chance.Dave Mitchell is running about and is in with a shout.Standardized fascias and fronts, company colours, house lettering and stylized logos are in with a vengeance.He started thinking about Careta, who he knew was in with this car-theft ring that operated in the area.
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