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be instrumental in (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe instrumental in (doing) somethingbe instrumental in (doing) somethingformalIMPORTANT to be important in making something happen He was instrumental in developing links with European organizations. instrumental
Examples from the Corpus
be instrumental in (doing) somethingSiegel was instrumental in creating the Las Vegas as it is today.Last December they were instrumental in getting rid of Mr Gaidar and replacing him with one of those industrialists.By virtue of their ubiquity, popular prints were instrumental in helping to shape the perceptions of the vast majority.In objectification, the artefact appears to be instrumental in linking these major processes of abstraction and specificity.Yaki, who was instrumental in negotiating the leases as an aide to Rep.You will also be instrumental in preparing reports on the effects of immediate and short term changes in electricity supply and demand.The symbolism of the room was instrumental in setting the tone.Page was instrumental in the creation of the new Mainan ambitious public works project funded through a public-private partnership.These developments are instrumental in the increased regulation and stability of affective thought.
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