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be inundated (with/by something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe inundated (with/by something)be inundated (with/by something)to receive so much of something that you cannot easily deal with it all syn swamp After the broadcast, we were inundated with requests for more information. inundate
Examples from the Corpus
be inundated (with/by something)One-third of the world's human population lives on land that is liable to be inundated if the seas rise.She might have guessed that as soon as she tried for a little peace and quiet the whole place would be inundated with callers.He said his organization is inundated with calls of sympathy.She would be inundated with calls.The southwestern United States and California are inundated with illegals.Most likely this person is inundated with reading material at work and at home.We are inundated with relatives we encourage it and we make it a special time.
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