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be just/exactly so

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe just/exactly sobe just/exactly soTIDYto be arranged tidily, with everything in the right place Everything had to be just so, or Edna would make us do it again. so
Examples from the Corpus
be just/exactly soEverything has to be just so at Maxine's dinner parties.Flashman is just so bitter - he's blaming us, but we just wanted our money above aboard.I was just so furious that I swept out in high dudgeon.There were just so many animals around.Now, nations are just so many men like these.If it was a microcap fund it would be different because there are just so many microcap stocks you can buy.But this turned out to be just so much more Super Bowl hype.I was just so pumped up to do good.I went downstairs, I was just so struck by musicians and live music.
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