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be keen on somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe keen on somebodybe keen on somebodyBritish EnglishLIKE somebody OR something to be sexually attracted to someone keen
Examples from the Corpus
be keen on somebodyShe was the Imp Second in the 1st Badgeworth Pack, and was keen on doing her daily good turn.Young males in particular were keener on high pay and promotion than older people, and less concerned with security or job satisfaction.I was keen on it ... We decided we wouldn't overlap what we wanted to do.Baker is keen on more collaborative projects in key technologies.No wonder he is keen on quantity of mates, and she on quality.The auto dealer was keen on reaching South Side blacks, and in Gibson he heard an effective pitchman.The most active Liberal associations are keen on stirring up interest in purely local issues - a process known as community politics.She seemed to consider the proposal favourably and Princess Margaret, who I knew was keen on the idea, was supportive.
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