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be/keep regular

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/keep regularbe/keep regularinformal a) MHBHto get rid of waste from your bowels often enough to be healthy b) a woman who is regular has her menstrual period at the same time each month regular
Examples from the Corpus
be/keep regularNote that if you go for the unfiltered system, water changes must be regular.To be effective, exercise must be regular and brisk.A successful maintenance routine should be regular but not too often.People who keep regular diaries find that the records become a source of motivation.These might be regular if there is not overtaking but random if there is unlimited overtaking, quite different patterns.Whatever method is adopted, there should be regular reference to time-charts or time-lines.There should be regular surveys of the long-term expenditure implications of current and proposed policies.They should be regular, with easily visible treads.
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