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be known for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe known for somethingbe known for somethingto be famous or known about by a lot of people because of something He’s known for his good looks. The region is known for its fine wines. known
Examples from the Corpus
be known for somethingThe inhabitants are known for being bourgeois, inward- looking, and conservative.Bully fans are known for being somewhat obsessive.Miller is known for her whimsical paintings and sculpture, both emanating from her unique take on the Southwest desert.Paul is known for his discovery of interleukin-4, a primary chemical regulator of the immune system.Mr Heseltine is known for his hard work and mental and physical stamina.The Pillow, in Massachusetts, was known for its family feeling and sometimes scrappy eclecticism.The first lady had specifically asked to speak at Glide, which is known for its social activism, church officials said.Many will never be known for many lived and died without a proper name.
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