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be laughing

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe laughingbe laughingBritish English spoken informalHAPPYSATISFIED to be happy or in a good situation, for example because something has had a successful result for you Well they paid me, didn’t they, so I’m laughing. laugh
Examples from the Corpus
be laughingInitially, she claimed that when she left the gardens, Mrs McMullen was laughing and joking with McLean.But Fatima was laughing and loving herself with crossed arms.The eyes on her back were laughing at her, judging her.Bill Shankly will be laughing somewhere up there as well.Both men were laughing, then talking in lower voices, and only snatches drifted to her now.They are laughing, they are talking.Late the next morning, Hicks was laughing to himself as he drove.He was laughing with a group of female technicians and did not seem to be aware that anything unusual had happened.