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be left

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe leftbe left (also have something left)REMAIN/BE LEFT if something is left, it remains after everything else has gone, been taken away, or used I’ve only got a few dollars left. There were a couple of seats left at the back. We don’t have much time left. He pointed to what was left of the house (=used when very little is left). All that was left was a pile of bones.be left over After we’ve paid the bills, there’s never much left over. They ate some bread rolls left over from the night before. leave
Examples from the Corpus
be leftI still have three chapters left to read.Is there any coffee left?In each case contestants are voted out one at a time by their colleagues and by viewers until just two are left.One on each side for the short distance that was left.He was left in feeble health, unemployed and with a wife, three-year-old daughter and a newly-born one.Coats, bags and shoes were to be left in the corridors and not brought in to the hall.By 5 o'clock there was hardly anyone left in the office.The inculcation of political orthodoxy and instruction of a more coercive nature was left strictly in the hands of the Party.That was left to a Commission on Admissions, which spent the summer and fall wrangling bitterly over the details.Scarcely a single social problem was left untouched.After expenses and a donation to a charity, he was left with about $ 424,000.
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