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be (like) a drug

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe (like) a drugbe (like) a drugif an activity is like a drug, you enjoy it so much that you want to do it more and more Athletics is like a drug – it keeps dragging you back for more. drug
Examples from the Corpus
be (like) a drugOf those held in federal rather than state prisons, 60 % are drug offenders with no history of violence.Casodex is a drug that blocks the release of testosterone, a hormone that is linked to prostate cancer.The robber bridegroom could be a drug pusher in-stead of a homicidal cannibal, for instance.At 17 he was a drug addict.The most worrisome cross-border export, however, is drugs.I would have loved a drink, but I thought it might be drugged.The more complete descriptive term is drug elimination half-life.Tobacco is a drug and addicts should be given a chance to ease off gradually.
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