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be linked

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe linkedbe linkedCONNECTED WITHif two things are linked, they are related in some way Police think the murders are linked.be linked to/with something Some birth defects are linked to smoking during pregnancy.be closely/directly/strongly etc linked Our economy is inextricably linked with America’s. link
Examples from the Corpus
be linkedThere was nothing to suggest the two events were linked.Drug dealing and prostitution are often linked.Power and personality are closely linked.The author explains clearly how these types of economic and military issue are linked.The photographs are linked across the book by fleeting resemblances, oppositions, repetitions, the pictorial equivalents of assonance and half-rhyme.Isolated tetrahedra are linked by mutual bonding to a cation between.Investment is linked to 11 funds and benefit can be level or increasing.It was to be linked to a line from Croydon to Wallington, Carshalton and Sutton.Racial struggle is linked to class struggle, and racism fractures both the political superstructure and economic base.He was linked with Cardiff in the summer when he decided to stay at the Brewery Field.Aluminium in water is now being linked with premature ageing.As for size constancy it is linked with the coordination of perceptually controlled movements.
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