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be looking to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe looking to do somethingbe looking to do somethinginformalPLAN to be planning or expecting to do something We’re looking to buy a new car early next year. look
Examples from the Corpus
be looking to do somethingWe're not just looking to make money.Last year it took 32 % of the mobile phone market and is looking to buck the worldwide trend.The company is looking to hire between 20-30 to work on Airbus wing production.The company is looking to increase its sales in Europe during the next two years.Now the Labour Party is looking to its future.To others it will be a rural environment which they are looking to protect.The Redskins will be looking to repeat their Super Bowl victory next season.We are looking to the city of Grand Forks to assist us in funding our transportation program.Canoeists should be looking to their own backyard to promote an anti racist approach within the sport.
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