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be lost

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe lostbe lostCONFUSEDto be completely confused by a complicated explanation ‘Do you understand what I mean?’ ‘Not really. I’m a bit lost.’ lost
Examples from the Corpus
be lostEventually the three children realized they were lost.Without them he would be lost.Excuse me, I'm lost. Could you tell me where the station is, please?Many of these will be lost for ever, before they have even been named.But that Spring Hill may be lost for ever, some residents say.No time was lost in getting under way.He found himself in enormous buildings, with a labyrinth of rooms, and he was lost in the pile.None of this was lost on Kip.The danger was lost on those below who thought he was engaging in a new piece of daring.She's also a friend and I'd be lost without her.
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