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be lost on somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe lost on somebodybe lost on somebodyUNDERSTANDif something is lost on someone, they do not understand or want to accept it The joke was completely lost on Chris. lost
Examples from the Corpus
be lost on somebodyBut his message was lost on a people enjoying an economic and political freedom that he had never allowed them.Judging from his passive-Madonna performance as Gilbert Grape, Depp probably would be lost on a stage.All my warnings were completely lost on Beth.The joke was lost on Chris.It was lost on Duncan, who smiled courteously at the police inspector.To his bemusement there was no chill, or else the chill was lost on him.None of this was lost on Kip.The last-minute change saved his life: 61 Squadron's aircraft was lost on the raid.What is won on the swings is lost on the roundabouts.
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