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be made (for life)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe made (for life)be made (for life)informalRICH to be so rich that you will never have to work again If the deal is successful, I’ll be made for life. made
Examples from the Corpus
be made (for life)Accusations of ballot-box stuffing at the neighborhood-run election were made about the meeting which nominated the new slate.Both the subcommittee and Mr Gingrich agree that no public comment should be made about this matter while it is still pending.The temporary replacement car will be made available only when full details of the loss or damage are notified to General Accident.The neck is made from maple, which was a surprise, because I was expecting mahogany.Various adjustments are made to allow for special circumstances affecting local costs of providing particular services.That base, Dobson contends, is made up of conservative Christians who are anti-abortion.The chief librarian is responsible for an operation that is made up of the Main Library and 26 neighborhood branches.
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