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be meant for somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe meant for somebody/somethingbe meant for somebody/somethingINTENDto be intended for a particular person or purpose a book meant for children mean
Examples from the Corpus
be meant for somebody/somethingI think this fork is meant for barbecuing.Innocent's building at the Vatican was fortified with towers and an encircling wall and was meant for longer residence.Nina got up and smiled a smile that was meant for no-one.From the moment that they were introduced it was plain that they were meant for one another.His friend got bitten by a snake that was meant for Ray.Like illusionistic painting in general, this technique of mosaic was meant for the distant view.Wisteria branches, for example, eventually grow to tree-size width and are meant for the sturdiest pergolas and arbors.The only fan in Motherhouse is in the parlour and is meant for visitors.Then this ad is meant for you.
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