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be modelled on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe modelled on somethingbe modelled on somethingCOPYto be designed in a way that copies another system or way of doing something Their education system is modelled on the French one. model
Examples from the Corpus
be modelled on somethingHis remaining hair is modelled on a Dendix ski slope.Irene Hills's face is modelled on an Easter Island statue.Second-order constructs are similar to scientific constructs and are modelled on ideal-typical situations.The later extension of the differential principle to non-linguistic issues is modelled on its original linguistic formulation.Both are modelled on Labov's work in New York City.The research method will be modelled on previous work of members of the Aesthetics Research Group published during the period 1973-82.Even its uniforms are modelled on those of the Royal Navy.
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