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be no stranger to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe no stranger to somethingbe no stranger to somethingEXPERIENCEDto have had a lot of a particular kind of experience a politician who is no stranger to controversy stranger
Examples from the Corpus
be no stranger to somethingB quartet whose self-titled debut has already sold more than a million copies, is no stranger to having hits.Derek is no stranger to controversy.Fien is no stranger to Tormey, who recruited him when he was defensive coordinator at Washington.Andrew himself is no stranger to the big screen and has featured in several commercials.Leach was no stranger to Niagara stunts.Toughguy crime novelist Robert B.. Parker is no stranger to the buried life.His security police are no strangers to intimidation when it comes to striking fear into Ciskei's 850,000 poverty-stricken people.But Tabitha is no stranger to confrontation.They are no strangers to controversy.
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