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be not on

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe not onbe not onBritish English spokenACCEPT if something is not on, it is not acceptable or reasonable I’m sorry, what you’re suggesting is just not on! on
Examples from the Corpus
be not onBut the sound was not on.He is a veteran campaigner against the screening system, but at 76, time is not on his side.Beyond that, the gossip is that he is not on speaking terms with his best player, quarterback Troy Aikman.But that wasn't on the agenda, was it?The federal building, however, is not on the market.She wasn't on the plane and West Mercia fraud squad have asked Interpol to investigate.Those who are not on the spot will get their impressions firstly through television and radio coverage and then through newspapers.She wasn't on the wooden horse or in the yard or in the tack room.
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