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be nothing/little short of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe nothing/little short of somethingbe nothing/little short of somethingVERYused to emphasize that something is very good, very surprising etc Her recovery seemed nothing short of a miracle. The results are little short of astonishing. short
Examples from the Corpus
be nothing/little short of somethingWhat they envision is nothing short of a new corporate structure, in which accounting and other functions are outsourced.This is nothing short of a scandal.The 18 tracks of the new record are so dizzyingly dexterous, the live show should be nothing short of amazing.The quality of sound via these outputs is nothing short of amazing.The result is nothing short of brilliant and has met with raves in all the glossy industry mags.The city hopes to attract around 3.5 million visitors annually, but last year's figures were little short of disastrous.First, I would strongly advise other CEOs to follow our experience because the results stood to be nothing short of spectacular.It is little short of tragic that she has been cut off, while still at the peak of her singing power.
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