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be nowhere to be seen/found

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe nowhere to be seen/foundbe nowhere to be seen/found (also be nowhere in sight) to not be in a place, or not be seen or found there Typical – another street crime and the police are nowhere to be seen. nowhere
Examples from the Corpus
be nowhere to be seen/foundShe'd looked everywhere for her glasses, but they were nowhere to be found.Amelia Otis's name is nowhere to be found.But David Kent was nowhere to be seen.He had been searching for Morthen, to protect her from his violent half-brother, but she was nowhere to be found.I patrolled the town for a while, but they were nowhere to be seen.The prison director ordered a search, but the prisoner was nowhere to be found.When a game was on the line, Carr was nowhere to be found.Willie had looked around for the twins and George, but they were nowhere to be seen.Our tour guide was nowhere to be seen, so we set off to explore the city alone.
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