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be (of) no use (to somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe (of) no use (to somebody)be (of) no use (to somebody)USELESSto be completely useless You needed blankets to keep warm because the heating was no use. Take this – it’s of no use to me anymore. use
Examples from the Corpus
be (of) no use (to somebody)But a sleek sailing boat that spends all its time in harbour is no use to anyone.She knew that it was no use offering to make it: it would only make Bella angry.It is of no use to put forward a partial plan for the revitalization of our education.It was of no use if they received the sacrament of Matrimony and did not live as Christians.But these models are no use to Clinton.But there was no use brooding on it: the full story would never be known now.But all this was of no use to Bowman.Photographic film cameras on satellites would be of no use until the means of recovering film capsules from orbit could be developed.
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