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be of the opinion (that)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe of the opinion (that)be of the opinion (that)THINK/HAVE THE OPINION THATto think that something is true I was firmly of the opinion that we should not give Jackson any more money. opinion
Examples from the Corpus
be of the opinion (that)The committee is of the opinion that Barnes was wrongfully dismissed.Moreover, Uzzell said, companies are of the opinion that there are always more important things to be done.I was of the opinion that such homage should be preserved for the National Anthem alone.Jess is of the opinion that Red cares only about herself and not about the team.Some people were of the opinion that every time he fluttered his eyes he was fudging on the truth.She was of the opinion there was more to the girl than might reasonably be expected.The Board of Trade were of the opinion that the Corporation's permission to lay double track was not necessary.
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