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be on a par (with something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe on a par (with something)be on a par (with something)EQUALto be at the same level or standard The wages of clerks were on a par with those of manual workers. We will have Christmas decorations on a par with anything on show at the Metro Centre. par
Examples from the Corpus
be on a par (with something)The stripping action was on a par with other smaller models.Its bookshops are on a par, which means it is well catered for.His creations are on a par with Mozart and the composers of the renaissance.Loss of self-control in cricket is on a par with evasion of payment for a television licence.The nice thing is that, at least in music, the girls are on par with the boys.All human individuals are on a par, but each is separate from every other like the matches in a match box.At the business unit level profits should be on a par with last year, which was a record result.At the 283-shop Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield, trade was on a par with 1991.
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