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be open to debate

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe open to debatebe open to debate (also be a matter for debate)UNCERTAIN if an idea is open to debate, no one has proved yet whether it is true or false syn debatable Whether that would have made any difference is open to debate. debate
Examples from the Corpus
be open to debateThis concept is open to debate, in that at least some Ediacaran fossils can be compared with known metazoans.Whether a further wave of takeovers in the brewing industry would benefit consumers is open to debate.As a practical matter, the wisdom of tax-cutting is open to debate.In Alcove 1, everything was open to debate.It is open to debate whether the office should be performed by a police officer or by a prosecutorial figure.Jospin's conclusions may be open to debate, but the way he has formulated them is laudable.The actual number of words that are necessary is open to debate.Whether civil liberties or freedom of expression really languished in this period is open to debate.
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