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be opposed to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe opposed to somethingbe opposed to somethingto disagree with something such as a plan or system Most of us are opposed to the death penalty. opposed
Examples from the Corpus
be opposed to somethingI am opposed to a district-wide imposition of uniforms.The other editor, Reform leader Isaac Mayer Wise, was opposed to abolition.I am opposed to air mattresses at a rendezvous, personally.It is a topic which raises strong emotions and 80% of the population are opposed to bloodsports.Most company bosses say they are opposed to employees working a lot of overtime.This is opposed to obeying orders from a center, or reacting in lock step to the overall environment.Above all, Churchill was opposed to passing major legislation before the war was won.This constructivist approach is opposed to psychological behaviourism.Its opponents included liberals who were opposed to the death penalty and conservatives who objected to the gun control provisions.
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