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be oriented to/towards/around something/somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe oriented to/towards/around something/somebodybe oriented to/towards/around something/somebodyPURPOSEto give a lot of attention to one type of activity or one type of person a course that is oriented towards the needs of businessmen A lot of the training is orientated around communications skills. The organization is strongly oriented towards research. orient
Examples from the Corpus
be oriented to/towards/around something/somebodyThis project is oriented towards education.On the one hand, the questions are oriented towards exposing the discipline, bringing into the open its hidden character.In contrast, pragmatic parties hold more flexible goals and are oriented to moderate or incremental policy change.All the computers we consider are general-purpose, at least in theory, although they may be oriented towards particular application areas.The former are oriented to specialized resources while the latter focus on outputs.Management involvement in internal operations and problems must be oriented to the environment, its opportunities and demands.Attention will be oriented to the imagery and assumptions about reproductive physiology on which methods of contraception and their evaluation are based.First we were oriented towards the orientation building.
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