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be ornamented with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe ornamented with somethingbe ornamented with somethingAVDECORATEto be decorated with something a silver goblet ornamented with pearlsrichly/exquisitely/lavishly etc ornamented a table richly ornamented with carvings ornament
Examples from the Corpus
richly/exquisitely/lavishly etc ornamentedThis means that the building is, however richly ornamented, a simple hall.The Cathedral is a remarkable building, richly ornamented inside and out.It was more adaptable and was less expensive as it had the quality of being effective, whether richly ornamented or not.Each Gospel begins with a richly ornamented page in which the opening words of the text are submerged by the decoration.The buttresses themselves became larger, heavier and richly ornamented with carving and panelling.Wearing tunic and hose of pale blue satin lavishly ornamented with silver, he looked more angelic than ever.
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