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be out of order

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe out of orderbe out of ordera) BROKENif a machine or piece of equipment is out of order, it is not working The phone is out of order again. b) British English informalWRONG/UNSUITABLE if someone’s behaviour is out of order, it is unacceptable syn out of line American English c) WRONG/INCORRECTto be breaking the rules in a committee, court, parliament etc The MP’s remarks were ruled out of order.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say that a machine or piece of equipment is not working or is broken rather than out of order:The phone’s not working. order
Examples from the Corpus
be out of orderOh no, the copy machine's out of order.Sit down Mr. Phillips! You're out of order.Some of the pages were out of order.At last he called the operator and asked whether the phone was out of order.Father, something is out of order here.A campaign speech is out of order.The toilets are almost always out of order.Every phone I tried was out of order.The sobbing woman is out of order, embarrassing, unreasonable.
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