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be out of the question

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe out of the questionbe out of the questionIMPOSSIBLEif something is out of the question, it is definitely not possible or not allowed You can’t go in that old shirt – it’s out of the question. question
Examples from the Corpus
be out of the questionThe captain said that it was out of the question.It was out of the question to put on an exhaustive exhibition, because it would have been too voluminous.Either way, it looks as though 103 Dalmatians may now be out of the question.Some of these families are so poor that Christmas presents are out of the question.I guess a game of Scrabble is out of the question. 8: 55.That is out of the question.Investors and analysts took that to mean a rate cut before mid-year is out of the question.Defending yourself was out of the question.
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