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be parted (from somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe parted (from somebody)be parted (from somebody)to be prevented from being with someone They were hardly ever parted in 30 years of marriage. He hates being parted from the children. part
Examples from the Corpus
be parted (from somebody)It is not right we should be parted.His golden hair was parted down the middle, and he wore a gold ring on his right hand.The reluctance of a secretary to be parted from her boss was a flattering affirmation of personal dedication.His long blond hair was parted in the center.Her hair was parted in the middle and drawn back from a round, pretty face.Yet Menard stayed with the work until one day he and a companion were parted in Wisconsin.She had pale crimped hair over her temples, and her lips were parted to reveal large, even teeth.A dense pile wears better than a loosely-woven one, which can be parted to reveal the backing.
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