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be partial to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe partial to somethingbe partial to somethingformalENJOY/LIKE DOING something to like something very much I’m very partial to cream cakes. partial
Examples from the Corpus
be partial to somethingI'm quite partial to red wine.We found we had done the right thing: Mr Murray was partial to a wee whiskey.To his surprise she was found to be partial to peas.In two cases, the doll was even reported to be partial to pets' tails.If you are partial to Californian wine, you could be in luck.It is also important to determine whether a reader likes all types of Romantic Mysteries or is partial to a particular variety.I am partial to guys with good bodies.Vera would supply us with some from time to time and I know Uncle was partial to it.Leopards are after all quite as at home in the treetops as they are and on occasion are partial to monkey.
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