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be peculiar to somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe peculiar to somebody/somethingbe peculiar to somebody/somethingONLYif something is peculiar to a particular person, place, or situation, it is a feature that only belongs to that person or only exists in that place or situation The problem of racism is not peculiar to this country. peculiar
Examples from the Corpus
be peculiar to somebody/somethingA particular seasoning may be peculiar to a particular sausage.On the other hand, most of the signs are peculiar to Crete and that argues for a local origin.But whether this is peculiar to muscle, or whether other master genes will be found, remains to be discovered.It is not typically East Anglian but for its black glazed pantiles on the roof which are peculiar to Norfolk.The few useful studies that exist usually include factors that might be peculiar to one country, or society.Chap. 5 includes some detail on test methods which are peculiar to polymers and which have been specially developed for them.The circumstances of Herr Hamnett's disappearance are peculiar to say the least.We began to wonder about other sources of light that might be peculiar to the extreme hydrothermal vent environment.The problem of racism is not peculiar to this country.
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