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be predicated on/upon something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe predicated on/upon somethingbe predicated on/upon somethingformalCOME FROM/ORIGINATE if an action or event is predicated on a belief or situation, it is based on it or depends on it The company’s expansion was predicated on the assumption that sales would rise. predicate
Examples from the Corpus
be predicated on/upon somethingMuch environmental prediction is predicated upon a logical positivist or Newtonian deterministic basis.It was predicated on a quack cure called powder of sympathy.Babylonian science was predicated on a tradition of astronomical record-keeping for strictly religious purposes.Plans for video on-demand and other applications are predicated on imaginary customers who are expected to buy multimedia services.A text's value rests partly then on the demand for it, and that demand is predicated on previous demand.The company's $1.6 million budget was predicated on selling 10,000 subscriptions.It could not be; it was predicated on the business rate.Samuel Richardson's Pamela is predicated on the need for a servant to resist the master's will in some things.And yet the redemption of humanity is predicated on this failure.
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