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be prepared to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe prepared to do somethingbe prepared to do somethingWILLINGto be willing to do something, especially something difficult or something that you do not usually do You have to be prepared to take risks in this kind of work. How much is she prepared to pay? prepared
Examples from the Corpus
be prepared to do somethingGriffiths was prepared to spend up to $500,000 to renovate the old theater.Now sadder but wiser, we are prepared to admit that the implementation of curriculum change is a complicated business.Now, because she needed something from him, she was prepared to give in.Or be prepared to go home without it.He was prepared to use force if necessary.The Pentagon is prepared to build an emergency camp for refugees.You'll never learn to speak another language unless you're prepared to make an effort.But, as a scientist, she was and is prepared to tolerate this drive while it lasts without satisfying it.He was prepared to talk with complete honesty about it.He was very busy but he was prepared to see me because Lynda had recommended me.My sister can never understand what I am prepared to do for her, for our welfare.It is very thorough but requires the user to be prepared to look in depth at each technical area of painting.
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