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be projected

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe projectedbe projectedPLANto be planned to happen in the future the projected closure of the hospitalsee thesaurus at predict project
Examples from the Corpus
be projectedHospital profits on such cases are projected at 7. 9 percent for 1996.There are projected outlets, too, for new, high-purity silicates currently being developed for applications in high technology.Employment of general managers and top executives is projected to decline in manufacturing industries overall.Global demand is projected to double over the next 30 years as population increases and living standards improve.Business Internet Services is projected to grow to $ 56.6 billion in 2003, from $ 7.7 billion in 1999.It is projected to hit $ 1. 17 billion in 1996 sales, nipping at the heels of Sega and Nintendo.It is projected to remain at around this level for more recent generations of women.The ambassador's visit is projected to take place in June.It is at this point that Todorov's' classicism, is projected towards postmodernism.
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