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be quick

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe quickbe quickHURRYused to tell someone to hurry If you want to come with me you’ll have to be quick – I’m leaving in ten minutes. ‘Can I just finish this first?’ ‘OK, but be quick about it.’ quick
Examples from the Corpus
be quickOnly the blistering 911 Turbo is quicker.My mind was quick and clear, yet all physical movement fell into a lingering genus of departure.His reactions are quick and his learning capacity excellent.As you were quick enough to remind me, we swore we would do anything to bring the killer to justice.When Macintosh appeared, they were quick in invoking the code, as if holding a crucifix to ward off a vampire.But Grody is quick to address the concerns of those who think swing dancing is about memorizing routines.Timmy was a natural games player and was quick to profit from the tips his father gave him.People are quick to slap that label on you, and then just as eager to predict your downfall.