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be ready to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe ready to do somethingbe ready to do somethinginformalWILL to be likely to do something soon She looked ready to burst into tears. ready
Examples from the Corpus
be ready to do somethingI'm always ready to help if you need me.We are ready to consider any serious proposals.Leave in the marinade until you are ready to cook.My body ached, I was ready to drop, I wanted to cry.The first of these devices will be ready to fly in about 18 months, the companies said.By the end of the year, it is ready to insert its new priorities into the biennial budget.If you really want to sell, price your house sensibly and be ready to make a deal.The city authorities were ready to remove 10,000 people from their homes and offices.By early evening, he is ready to start work.Look out for the envelope that will bring your invitation, and be ready to tell us your preference as soon as it arrives.An individual's sexuality is their own affair and they will come to terms with it when they are ready to.
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