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be (really/quite) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe (really/quite) somethingbe (really/quite) somethingBROKEN spoken used to say that something is very good and impressive Running your own company at 21 is really something. That was really something, wasn’t it? something
Examples from the Corpus
be (really/quite) somethingPractice time is something else everyone seems to take for granted.But there was something else, too.It lies unassimilated on the edge of my under-standing; there is something I must learn from it.Yes, there was something in there and I bet myself it would be Jo's emerald pendant.Surely there was something more to it.She thinks this is something that concerns you, too.That is something that special educators have, so far, lamentably failed to offer disabled children and their families.Cancer was something you cut out and that was that.
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