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be reconciled (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe reconciled (with somebody)be reconciled (with somebody)ARGUEto have a good relationship again with someone after you have quarrelled with them Jonah and his youngest son were, on the surface at least, reconciled.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say that two people make up rather than saying that they are reconciled:They had a fight, but they seem to have made up now. reconcile
Examples from the Corpus
be reconciled (with somebody)How is the position to be reconciled?In these the new unity can already be experienced and old animosities and misunderstandings be reconciled.We must be reconciled, for what we left behind us can never be ours again.The Senate bill must now be reconciled with a House bill before going to President Clinton.How is the free-market economy to be reconciled with continued large-scale tax concessions for house mortgages and private pensions?Ransom hoped to be reconciled with his wife and children.He judges success by how effectively human needs are reconciled with the needs of the ecosystem.Yet this wave of social legislation could not easily be reconciled with the tenets of classical liberalism.Why is it so difficult to find former abusers who are reconciled with their wives?
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