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be remembered for/as something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe remembered for/as somethingbe remembered for/as somethingFAMOUSto be famous for something important that you did in the past He is best remembered for his travel books. Johnson wanted to be remembered as ‘the education president.’ remember
Examples from the Corpus
be remembered for/as somethingJames Dickey is best remembered for his 1972 novel "Deliverance."Will he be remembered as a statesman in his final days, or just another bought-and-paid-for hunk of political meat?Above all, Marianella will be remembered as a very brave and very determined woman.Servetus is remembered for his description of the lesser, pulmonary, circulation of the blood.Copenhagen is remembered for its mermaid.Clinton is in good company, but I think he wants to be remembered for more than that.Firstly, a widowed grandmother may be remembered as moving into the family home.I want to be remembered for my skill as a stills photographer.Graf will be remembered as one of the best women's tennis players.Some of these will be remembered for years to come, not only in Halling but where ever the cement barges called.
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