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be reported to be/do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe reported to be/do somethingbe reported to be/do somethingused to say that a statement has been made about someone or something, but you do not know if it is trueallege The stolen necklace is reported to be worth $57,000. report
Examples from the Corpus
be reported to be/do somethingAlmost 60 percent of those displaced were reported to be under the age of eighteen.But in 1691 the boy was reported to have fallen accidentally from a second-story window and perished.But windows were reported to have been blown out in homes more than 1,000 yards away.He is reported to have upbraided his commanders for including political content in briefings.He was reported to be still there.It will aim to reduce duplication of services and its findings will be reported to ministers by the end of May.Milosevic himself was reported to have chaired a key meeting Sunday overriding infuriated hard-liners angered by the moderates' desire to compromise.The Jaguar is reported to have crashed in a distant country, mad as hell.
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