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be represented

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe representedbe representedREPRESENTif a group, organization, area etc is represented at an event, people from it are at the event All the local clubs were represented in the parade. represent
Examples from the Corpus
be representedAffective experiences, such as feeling, are represented and remembered, changing for ever the nature of affective thoughts.These differences might be represented as those which mark off the specialist team from the others.Male and female employees were represented by separate union locals until 1977.Obviously, using A to Z as the basic character set, 26 subjects can be represented by single character notation.This is represented graphically in figure 3.3.There was some fiction but not one of the great nineteenth century novelists was represented in it.Nineteen households are represented in the lawsuit.What organisations are represented on the Governing Body of your College? 4.
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