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be restricted to somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe restricted to somebody/somethingbe restricted to somebody/somethingLIMITto only affect a limited area, group etc The damage is restricted to the left side of the brain. Eligibility for five weeks’ holiday is restricted to senior management. restricted
Examples from the Corpus
be restricted to somebody/somethingVehicles were to be restricted to one lane 24 hours a day near the slide, starting Monday.Should they necessarily be restricted to electoral variations, or even to activity around state institutions such as local government?The methods are restricted to illustrating, supplementing, and contextualizing results obtained from quantitative procedures, and indicating future research directions.Previously, access was restricted to loading bikes inside buses on designated routes during the summer.During this time the libraries were restricted to men.In addition, the analysis is restricted to the case of no recall of offers received in previous periods.Whereas concrete operational thought is logical thought, it is restricted to the concrete world.
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