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be ripe for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe ripe for somethingbe ripe for somethingREADYto be ready for a change to happen, especially when it should have happened sooner The police forces are ripe for reform. The former dock area is ripe for development. ripe
Examples from the Corpus
be ripe for somethingThe time is ripe for an attempt to weaken his position.Within six months, they in turn would be ripe for constructive torment by Lexandro's peers.Whatever precautions a father takes, when the daughter is ripe for it, puberty will set in.The time was ripe for major change.The job search took him seven years, and by that time he was ripe for retirement.If ever a songwriting team were ripe for revival, it's Bacharach and David.Again frustrated, the two were ripe for the monetary stability Clive Davis could offer.Gore is ripe for the plucking.In other words, expect whispers that he is ripe for voluntary retirement in an autumn reshuffle.
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