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be riveted on/to/by something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe riveted on/to/by somethingbe riveted on/to/by somethingATTENTIONif your attention is riveted on something, you are so interested or so frightened that you keep looking at it All eyes were riveted on her in horror. rivet
Examples from the Corpus
be riveted on/to/by somethingAll eyes were riveted on him, and anyone who had seating space sat down quietly.His vision was riveted to one vanishing point on a particular horizon, and that was the story of avant-garde art.My eyes are riveted to that glorious old banner..Of course the country may be riveted by the latest video release or the latest Nintendo game.His eyes were riveted to the overhead screen while the heel of his right foot tapped nervously on the floor.Her eyes were riveted to the screen with the troubled innocence of a child.Armchair travellers will be riveted to their seats while the more adventurous will get itchy feet.
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